Frequently Asked Questions

We don't answer support queries that can be found here, so please check this section first!

General & Legal Questions

Why choose your company?

Because: we don't load any stealers, fraudware, ransomware etc.; we offer high rates per install with no hidden shave; our statistics are realtime; we can convert any traffic, even garbage traffic – if users from you survive at least 1 day, you're welcome!

Do I need user consent before installing your adware?

Generally yes. We request that all users are informed that they are about to do something resulting in ExeRevenue installation (unless such permission is already granted due to a trust relation, or whatever: for example, if someone makes you an administrator of their PC). We don't want any forced loads.

Please note that there might be some or no legal restrictions on installing ExeRevenue, depending on your country of location. Please also note that we are not lawyers, and certainly not police neither. We ask that you inform your users you're going to install adware (and what it is about), in order to avoid legal problems.

Is your software a virus?

Definitely not! First, we don't do anything against computer owner. If they choose to use an ExeRevenue-supported service, it is identical to accepting QuickBundle™ and other mechanisms we bring (such as popup advertisements or IP anonymisation server). It's just as simple as that.

Second, we don't damage anything. We value your users and so we don't want to cause troubles. All modifications we bring are theoretically reversible, although keep in mind we don't offer tools for unbundling. Should this be problematic, suggest your users to do backups before using an ExeRevenue-enriched service. Should your user one day resign from ExeRevenue, he can restore his system from backups, using a product like Norton Ghost. And if he just wants to exclude one file from bundling, he can change its extension (like .HTML → .TXT) or modify file name to begin with PSTO, for example. There are also other methods, which we don't describe here.

And finally, our tool never breaks account permissions. If you run ExeRevenue adware on a machine which you don't administer, then only your files are touched. Only your files are subject to bundling.

So why does my antivirus classify you as trojan/worm/virus?

AV companies have a good interest in convincing you that the Internet is an insecure place full of danger, and that almost nothing is worth of any trust (unless you use their products). We don't share such views.

Please note that antivirus companies have been fighting legitimate adware and spyware components, such as those in KaZaA peer-to-peer, or in applications for monitoring employees.

Is your company a pyramid?

NO! A pyramid is a business where people are buying goods or services from pyramid organizer, and they earn or lose depending on how far they are from the bottom of pyramid. Now, first of all, ExeRevenue is not selling, we are buying (namely: loads from you). Then, we don't pay anybody exponentially for creating pyramids or selling anything. We don't utilize any model of paying people for their location in a pyramid.

So is your company fully legal?

Yes! We are a registered entity, we pay taxes, we cooperate with other legal entities as well as private people. We have a solid capital base & keep track of established laws. Don't worry, we are here for a long run. You can trust us.

Payments and earnings

When do you send payments?

We schedule payments every week, usually on Monday, but it depends on your payment system. If you haven't received your payment for a week, even though you are a Verified Affiliate, please refrain from contacting support until the end of Sunday.

How can I receive payments?

We support PayPal (about 10% commission), ePassporte (usually 3.5% commission or less), Webmoney (usually 0.8% commission), and Wire (international bank transfers: rates vary from 40$ to 80$). But if you prefer another payment system, please contact us and we'll try to find a solution.

What is the minimum payment?

100$ for Wire transfer, 10$ for Webmoney, and 20$ for other systems.

What currency do you pay in?

US dollars only.

Do you have a referral system? Do you pay for recommendations?

Only for big partners. Generally no.

How do I know how much I earned?

We offer real-time statistics.


What Windows versions do you pay for?

98/Me (maybe 95 too); 2000/XP/2003; Vista; and even Windows 7. 32-bit versions only!

I am a great hacker and I can "generate" a lot of loads.

If your loads are fake, then keep in mind we are monitoring and qualifying traffic all the time, separately for each affiliate. If you cheat so that we lose, then your traffic rating will be very low and we can refuse to pay you even after you see the money in stats. Your account may be cancelled in that case.

And if you are utilizing illegal means to access PCs, then... we are not specialized in crime prosecution, but prepare for losing your money and legal problems.

What is traffic rating?

It is a measure of how many computers which have got ExeRevenue installed are simultanously online (on an average) and still running it, and how effectively QuickBundle™ proceeds on your traffic. The higher it is, the better for both of us. It is a starting point when talking of rates per install.

Why let you QuickBundle™ the files? I will bundle them myself on my user's computer, it's more profitable for me!

Go on, we don't mind. It doesn't have to interfere with our operation, by the way. But we ask you to put much care that you don't break user's computer — otherwise, your traffic rating will quickly go low and we'll both lose.

We think it's better if you don't play with this, but if you really want, go on. At worst your traffic rating will degrade.

I have troubles logging in to your system.

Please make sure cookies are accepted by your browser. We require this.

Where does the money come from?

From selling products and ad space.