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ExeRevenue Affiliate Agreement

Before registering with ExeRevenue, you must agree with all following regulations.

  1. If you are a software author and choose to deliver ExeRevenue with your software, we kindly ask that you put an appropriate statement in your software license, so that the end user knows his computer will be enriched with adware, and that his current & future files will be bundled. Besides, the end user should at least know where to find the full text of ExeRevenue EULA and Privacy Policy.
  2. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY. Our adware does not damage computer systems (it is harmless and hardly visible). Neither does it move from a computer to another computer without help from an end user. Thus, we cannot be held reponsible if a user runs QuickBundle/ExeRevenue and is not satisfied with it.
  3. You agree that you are not working for computer security companies, nor represent any entity who tries to enforce policies about what can and what cannot exist in the Internet (especially, the law enforcement of any government). You agree that you do not support such entities in any way, and will not supply information from/about ExeRevenue to them.
  4. We reserve the right to cancel your affiliate account immediately with money loss if we detect your traffic is fraudulent.
  5. We reserve the right to change rates for your traffic.
  6. We may cancel affiliate accounts that are inactive for more than a week (one payment period).
  7. We may delay full payment for your traffic if its rating is below 2.
  8. Payment commissions are paid by affiliates. See FAQ for more details.
  9. We will not pay to you, nor deliver fresh versions of our software, if your account is not verified. An account gets verified either by recommendation or when it generates at least 100$.
  10. You shall neither disassemble, decompile, nor in any other way reverse engineer any software we provide to you.
  11. We pay only for previous week, we will never pay you for earlier weeks than the last one. So if you made 100$ during 3 weeks while you weren't verified, it's likely it's not gonna be returned to you. This is the verification cost for people with small traffic.
  12. ExeRevenue holds no responsibility for money loss due to invalid payment information supplied by affiliates, and will not return money in such cases.

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