Traffic Rates...

...or how much you earn per one PC

These are the default rates. If your traffic rating notably exceeds 3, then we can consider higher rates for you.

RegionPrice $
United States  0.130
Canada  0.110
Western Europe  0.070
Other  0.015
Asia  0.005

Please note that traffic rating normally grows with time, even if you don't send new loads. Only if your traffic is of very low quality or when you accelerate (deliver more and more in less and less time) it will not grow.

If your rating is at least 2, and you make stable 200$ a day at least, we can do DAILY PAYMENTS for you.

The above rates are for Vista installs. If you send us older systems, 20% of installs will be shaved, because they are usually either office workers or experienced users who have no interest in our products. Vista should convert best for us.