ExeRevenue technology

What you do, what we do, and what is the end effect

After you register with ExeRevenue, you will be immediately given a unique profiled EXE file, which is a silent installer of an old version of ExeRevenue adware component. The EXE is rather small; it does all preliminary setups and starts downloading further stuff from the Internet, when a connection is available. It doesn't offer any own user interface, so it can be perfectly merged with your existing software applications.

You will need to download this file and then run it on all PCs you can run it on. You will be paid for every unique execution of the file (the price depends on country where EXE is run). In short, "unique" generally means 1 commission per 1 machine. So your earnings depend on how many PCs you can control.

After you make your first 100$ and some other conditions are met (we want real traffic), you will be marked as a Verified Affiliate. Only verified affiliates can receive funds from us. Besides, you will have access to most recent versions of our component.

Company profile

ExeRevenue was founded in 2007. Our experience in pay-per-install industry dates back to 2006. We work mainly with software developers (B2B), who deliver our ad component with their programs, but also with webmasters of big download sites, administrators of large networks, and other PPI/adware companies.

We firmly believe pay-per-install is the future of Internet marketing.

If you think you can generate enough installs to earn at least 100$, you are welcome.

QuickBundle™ technology

One of things which make ExeRevenue so powerful is the brilliant QuickBundle™ technology, which makes it easy for adware end-user to spread this adware to all computers he uses.

It all follows from an agreement. By installing our component, the user agrees to have his program & data files enriched with ExeRevenue adware. Later, when he opens these files after logging in to another Windows machine, ExeRevenue is installed on his account on that machine. In particular, if the user owns it (resp. has administrator status), ExeRevenue will be globally installed on this new PC.

The technology is called bundling. Normally, if you wanted to bundle a second program along with a major software, you would do bundling yourself. For example, you could bind two EXE files into one file, so that when it is run both programs are started (there are special applications which perform this task). Or, in the realm of HTML files, you could append links, ActiveX controls, or auto-executing code to your site, thus making it adware-supported. This process is time-consuming and requires technical knowledge, which is discouraging. With ExeRevenue, we automatically enrich user files with our component, and this is precisely our task.

You get paid for 1 machine; the user agrees to have his resources enriched with adware; we work hard to turn 1 PC into n PCs in the following weeks; and then our associates generate profits from these n PCs. This is our business model.

Please note that all these n new PCs ExeRevenue then controls are still owned by the same initial user — unless he invited others to open his files, which is solely a matter of his relation with these others.

Apart from self-promoting, what does your component do?

The payload we deliver is generally advertising. We can display popups, install toolbars and add-ons, open proxy servers for IP anonymizing services, load surfbots, we can also watch user's surfing habits to bring profiled ads. It really depends, because the payload can change every day, just as our upstream partners.

We may sell your loads to many upstream associates (i.e. install their components along with ours), depending on the country traffic comes from. These upstream adware companies are bound by our Upstream Agreement to never do anything illegal in their country of residence.

We care about your business, and we don't damage traffic. Users will hardly notice any difference after installing our adware.